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Keeping the doors of learning open

With an increasing number of states, provinces and even whole countries closing institutions of learning as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic, VISHNU Institutions are sharing their expertise and resources online to enable students to keep the doors of learning open. All the Departments of VISHNU are working hard in preparing opportunities for students to learn at home. This is occurring virtually, teachers and staff members are working collaboratively using online tools and mobile phones to help minimize the impact of the corona virus (COVID-19) outbreak on students.

We at Sri Vishnu Educational Society (SVES) had initiated a teaching learning center way back in 2016 as a forward thinking initiative to train faculty in the use of research guided pedagogies, technologies and best practices to efficiently navigate the ever changing world of accreditation. Vishnu Educational Development and Innovation Center (VEDIC) has been instrumental in training and facilitating faculty to use various Instructional Technology tools integrated into pedagogies or as hybridized courses for its 1600 odd faculty.

Many of the faculty at VISHNU are already adept at using Instructional technology at the course as well as the session level. VEDIC has facilitated training and follow up support to faculty in the use of Learning Management Systems (Google Classroom, Edmodo, Moodle), Conferencing Tools to conduct discussions and live lectures, (Google Hangouts / Team, Zoom), Productivity Tools and Classroom Apps to conduct formative and summative assessments (Forms, Mentimeter, Plickers, Kahoot, Scorative, Freemind, Quizlet, Vizia, Edpuzzle) among others. In addition, faculty use and encourage student use of open source tools such as Geogebra, Scilab, OpenSCAD, Elmer (Finite Element Analysis), ASCEND and Tigris among others to help students run lab simulations at home. With these efforts, the faculty and leadership of SVES have effectively mitigated the effects of nationwide lockdown on students' learning and ensured that, when they come back to classes, they have not missed out on any learning opportunities.

Vice Chairman's Message on COVID-19 Outbreak

Greetings to all my students and faculty!

In these uncertain times of a lockdown I wish you and family keep safe and well! We at Sri Vishnu family take pride in your wellbeing and purpose as a learner and teacher.

The Principals, Department Heads and faculty have undertaken a lot of measures in ensuring a continuing learning environment is made available to our students. Each institution has devised their own online learning strategy using tools like Zoom, Google Hangout, Google Classroom, Skype, WhatsApp, YouTube, email, eLab, Nasscom Future Skills, and many other tools to enable you to become digitally connected. The content and assignments have been meticulously designed by our expert faculty with the intention that SVES students should not feel, unattended to, during this time of isolation and social distancing. Chairman of SVES has personally sent out many interesting links like the "Teaching Professor", to help both faculty and students engage online in a meaningful way.

Our alumni is a biggest source of strength and I urge the faculty who are personally connected with the alumni to reach out and bring their perspective on how students should be better prepared for their future. Your participation in various hackathon events, online competitions that are broadcasted through your departments from time to time, and presenting your ideas online for hardware projects in mechanical, Electronics, Robotics, and Civil on such forums like , and such other unconventional engagements online, will certainly help you be differentiated and smart at the workplace. Certifications for your skills are important for companies to look at your profile differently. Using this time wisely and doing microcredits online with "Coursera for campus", where SVES has a formaltie-up, is important. The topuniversities offer courses in Python, Data Analytics, AI & ML, and Cyber Security and allow you to be certified. Companies will recognize these efforts at the time of hiring, and make SVES students stand taller!

Wish you and family to continue to be safe and happy! Together we will punch through this pandemic.

Ravichandran Rajagopal
Vice Chairman
Sri Vishnu Educational Society

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During the current crisis, SVES distributed food and essential commodities such as groceries and vegetables.

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